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Winter blues: The last days of winter and how to survive winter in America

The American winter has many faces, and depending on where you live it can range from uneventful to ‘everything outside is completely frozen and I’ll be trapped inside forever’.

It’s a big country, and as such, it features very different winters: for those living in the south, wintertime still manages to provide a warm-ish type of weather with temperatures that rarely hit the freezing point. By contrast, the north of the country is all about crude winters where snow, ice, and blizzards are as common as Florida’s sunshine. In addition to this, there are those regions where winter translates into cold weather and gray skies, but without all the snow-covered landscapes and other enjoyable things that are present in every northern winter. These are perhaps the hardest winters of them all. The question is: how do we survive these winters?


A time to reflect

Unless you live in the south, the cold weather can be a problem, especially if you’re a sociable, outdoorsy person. Nevertheless, it’s not the end of times: getting through the winter doesn’t have to be a hard thing at all, and it can even be an enjoyable time if the right attitude is there. Since this is particularly important for those who are away from their families, we’ve compiled a list including strategies to cope with both distance and weather:

  1. Keep yourself occupied. One of the best things you can do to avoid the gloominess is staying occupied. Wintertime is the best time to put on extra work and save a little extra money for the spring and summer seasons. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little extra support. If you’re feeling lonely, a familiar voice can help a lot: call your loved ones more often and bring them closer to you in your time of need.
  1. Travel. If the chance is there, go visit a different place. Sometimes, taking a weekend off changes the whole gloomy vibe and clears the head. Chase the sun if you’re living up north, go for the snow if you’re based in the south. Find your next vacation place based on your favorite weather with services like The Weather Arena, and make sure you are subscribed for Travel deals all year round to take advantage of a good winter deal when you see one. If you are taking a road trip you can try services like Off Hotels for a good rate!
  1. Create a cozy environment for yourself. Warm blankets, chocolate, comfort food and a long list of movies and series to watch: a nice winter really comes down to that. During wintertime, nothing feels better than getting home and knowing that you’ll be warm, cozy and well-fed. Enjoy it while you can! Get inspired to cozy up this winter with some of our favorites:
  • Check out our favorite Vegan Hot Chocolate recipe from the minimalist baker here.
  • Want to spend Sunday night watching movies but not sure what to see? Catch up on the best movies of 2016 you didn’t get to see. Make a list of all the movies you want to watch and see lists and suggestions from other users at Letterboxd.

Winter is often romanticized as a great season, but it also has its drawbacks. The cold weather is not for everyone, and staying inside can be boring. In any case, it’s wise to keep our social relations alive – no matter how much it snows, staying close to the people we love is a must if we want to make it to the end of winter in good emotional shape.

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