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Want To Call Haiti On The Cheap?

calling_cards_to_Haiti.jpgBeing separated from your Haitian culture is challenging. Traveling to new parts of the world can be exciting, but also lonely. Staying connected to family and friends back in Haiti can make the transition easier. Share your new adventures and keep up with those you miss the most. CallnRoam can keep you connected to Haiti with the most competitive international rates on the market.

Call Haiti With Cheap Rates

Staying connected to Haiti can be cheap when you use the right international calling service. Call home and share with loved ones as often as you want with a calling service providing quality connections. Connect regularly with those in Haiti using a service that allows you to talk as long as want. CallnRoam is the international calling service you need to call Haiti on the cheap. They offer outstanding calling plans for you to stay connected affordably.

Pay As You Go

The Pay As You Go plan with CallnRoam connects you to family and other important people you left in Haiti. We offer the best quality service with crystal clear voice quality and instant connections on all your calls.

This amazing plan will provide you with:

  • Pinless calling so there are no codes to remember when calling
  • No connection fees are ever added to your billing
  • One-touch dialing to make your experience calling Haiti quicker and simpler
  • Rounding of your charges to one minute
  • No maintenance charges
  • Free roaming feature

You can sign up easily with our friendly and fast customer service representatives. CallnRoam is committed to providing you an affordable way to stay connected to those important to you back home in Haiti. We can also offer another great way to save money on your calls.

Unlimited Plans

CallnRoam has a Global Unlimited Plan you can use to call internationally as often as you want. This incredible plan allows you to talk as long as you want. Imagine calling Haiti any day of the week and talking for as long as you want. The best way to make international calls is when you do not have a time limit on your conversations. CallnRoam is your answer to making calls when you want and for as long as want.

No Limits

We offer all of this along with the freedom to use any phone you choose. Call from the office, on your cell phone, and even from your house landline. There will be no limits placed on your calls to Haiti. You will not have a weekly limit or a daily limit. Keeping in touch with your family in Haiti cannot be any more affordable or easier than using CallnRoam’s international calling services.

Best Service to Call Haiti on the Cheap

CallnRoam offers you the most affordable and unique international calling service. Call 888-622-5567 and find the plan best suited to your speific needs. You can also signup online now by clicking the icon below.

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