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Want $10 of Talk Time to India?

44506431_s.jpgIf you have moved from India and started a new life, you know how hard it is to lose touch with those important in your life. Not being able to share new adventures and achievements can give you a lonely and cut-off feeling. There is a great international calling service allowing you to call affordably and stay connected back home in India. CallnRoam is a quality calling service with affordable international rates. Get $10 in Talk Time to India free!

Earn $10 Worth of Free Talk Time to India

CallnRoam is an international calling service who offers you outstanding calling rates to call India. We also reward you for using our service by presenting you with reward points for every dollar you spend. When you earn enough points, you will be given $10 in free Talk Time to call India.

Reward Points

CallnRoam not only offers crystal clear connections for all your international calls, we reward you for using our service. As a way of showing our appreciation for your business, we will reward you you 10 points for every $1 you spend on purchases and recharging. When you have built up 2500 points, you will be rewarded with $10 free Talk Time to call home to India. We also offer a ReferA-Friend program to earn even more points.


If you have moved here from India, chances are you know others who are also here and separated from loved ones back home. When you share this outstanding international calling service with your friends and family, you earn points. For each person you refer who makes a purchase, we will award you 1000 points. Once you have reached 1500 points, we will award you $5 in free Talk Time to call home. These points can be added to your reward points and used for free Talk Time or recharges. The points from these programs cannot be redeemed for cash.

Affordable, Quality International Calling Plans

CallnRoam will provide you and those you refer to us, quality, affordable calling rates. Our service is one of the tops in the industry giving you minimum lags, echoes, dropped calls and other commonly distressful problems experienced in international calls. We provide a seamless global network that is connected with a top class support. You will experience amazing voice quality and fast connections. CallnRoam prides itself on providing our customers with world-class long distance calling at unmatched rates.

Act Now and Start Earning Rewards

Join our network of satisfied customers and invite your friends and family. Click on the icon below to signup today for your affordable connections to India and begin working on your free $10 Talk Time. Click the icon below – or – call 888-622-5567 today and speak to a representative to find a plan to fit your specific needs.

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