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Vacation heroes: Saving families on travel and entertainment


Free time, activities, relaxation and – above everything else – not thinking about work obligations and responsibilities: going on a vacation definitely counts as one of the best things that life has to offer. Nevertheless, there are many people that perceive vacations as a financially impossible endeavor, an unreachable utopia reserved for the wealthy. A statement like this might have worked as a valid argument against vacations in the 19th century, but we’re living in a different era: nowadays, vacations are definitely affordable – if you want it.


Hotels and lodging

AirBnB has been around for a while, and it’s always good to start searching there for lodging deals. However, it isn’t the only company out there that provides great lodging options at a variety of prices. For example, Off Hotels (a company founded by expert traveller Stefan Zwanzger) promises ‘unbelievable hotel rates’, including 5-star options for prices as low as $25 a night.



cheap tickets in the us

Flying is part of the adventure too, and there are many sites offering flight deals to a wide variety of destinations. The golden rule about flights is simple: for cheap flights, book months in advance. That’s pretty much it. On the other hand, there are a few handful of companies trying to improve the vacation experience when it comes to flights. One of them is Airfordable, a company that allows to pay for flight tickets in easy installments – a good thing for those who love the planning part of going on a vacation.


On top of flight and hotel deals, there are companies offering vacation deals by the bulk. One of these is Travelzoo, a company that gathers deals from all over for a great vacation experience: from flights to Morocco to hotels in Pennsylvania, Travelzoo stands out as a good option for those who are not sure about what they want yet.


The Experience

cheap travel ideas for families

Here at Call ‘n Roam we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about our customers and their life stories. We know that living in a new country can be hard, even if the general conditions – work, roof and health – are good. Loneliness and stress do not make a good pair, and going on a vacation often works as a good solution to both problems. Vacations offer the chance of gathering good stories to share with the loved ones, and also to show them that life abroad is not just about adversity and hard work, but also about fun times, new places and new friends.


It is our job to connect people. With that in mind, we’re always happy to lend a hand and think of the reasons why people connect, and also about what happens when they don’t connect as often as they should. Under this line of thinking, vacations are a two-way solution: they offer a topic to talk about, but they also work as a stress-reliever for those who haven’t had the chance to connect with others for a while. In any case, don’t rule out a short vacation: after all, there will be a story to tell there too.

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