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Get Connected to the UK for 1 Cent Per Minute

calling_cards.jpgYou can the UK for one cent a minute! Now, you can to stay in touch with friends and family in the UK at an affordable rate combined with superior connection service. CallnRoam has an the best international calling service allowing you to keep in touch with the UK at the most affordable mobile calling rates.

Connect to the UK

CallnRoam technology is unlike any competitor. Our service allows access to and from any country in the world and offers the best rates. No matter if you are traveling from the UK on business or have moved your home to the US, CallnRoam will provide you seamless calls to stay connected to the UK with the most affordable international calling plan. Their Pay As You Go plan provides:

  • Calls not requiring the use of a PIN
  • One touch dialing
  • No connection fees for your calls to the UK
  • Instant connections with your calls to the UK
  • One minute rounding on all your calls

CallnRoam’s Pay As You Go is not only affordable, it provides crystal clear voice quality. You will feel as though your loved ones are in the room with you when you experience this quality service.

Stay Connected to the UK

Stay connected to the UK with CallnRoam’s great calling rates and top quality voice network.

There are three separate plans you can purchase:

  • A $10 plan will provide you with 1000 minutes of talk time
  • A $20 plan will provide you with 2000 minutes of talk time
  • A $50 plan will provide you with 5000 minutes of talk time

Choosing one of these plans will keep you in touch without the worry about incurring expensive phone charges.

Connected to the UK with Great Rates and Great Service

You will be able to stay in touch with the UK using CallNRoam’s great international rates. This optimized service defies the competition with:

  • Less dropped calls
  • No lags
  • No echoes

Sign up with the leading provider of affordable calls to the UK today by clicking below – or – calling 888.622.5567.

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