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Calling East Africa? Get the best fares with Call N Roam.


calling to kenyaThe US is home to thousands of expats coming from East Africa, a vast area that ranges from Egypt in the north of the continent to Madagascar and Mozambique in the south. With different backgrounds and life stories, East Africans have arrived in America looking for a new life and a prosperous future for themselves, leaving – in many cases – friends and family members behind. Since it’s not easy at all to be an expat in a country like the United States, staying in contact with the ones at home is key to achieving stability and peace of mind.


Call ‘N Roam is always thinking of new ways to facilitate communication between people across different countries at the best fares: that’s why the company is focused in expanding its strong, reliable network of partners and working with the highest tech standards in the industry. Also, there is more than that – beyond developing tech, we like to think we’re also developing relationships.  


How much will it cost you to call home? Calculate your rates in seconds!

international calling service to africa

Call ‘N Roam’s plans are much more than cheap international calling cards: they are state-of-the-art communication services, with prime customer support and unbeatable prices for long-distance, global calls. As a proof of this, Call ‘N Roam has introduced the international rate calculator – now, everyone can find out how much it will cost to call home in only a few seconds. Also, the company has a policy of not forcing long-term commitments: if users like the service they’re paying for, they’ll stay. Simple as that!

Kenya, Lybia, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda, Malawi, East Africa

The international rate calculator currently features prices and available plans for calling Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea, Mauritius, Seychelles, Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi and Zambia. Call ‘N Roam is expanding every year, offering better options than those credit-consuming cards: when it comes to long-distance calls, there’s nothing like getting top services at low prices.


In addition, few things feel better than hearing the voice of the loved ones half-across the world: calling family and friends – even if only to tell them about the events that made your day – is a wonderful thing to do. For those on the other side of the line, you are what you show and tell: you are pictures posted on social networks, stories told over the phone, laughs over the screen. To them, you’re the tone and vibration of your own voice.


To develop and nurture the relationships that connect you with your country, culture and history may be (or feel) like a duty to you. On the other hand, to make those connections affordable, easy and reliable, is (and feels) like our duty. As we always say here at Call ‘N Roam, you’re always welcome to use our service and stay with us. We are a growing community and we’d be happy to have you on board!